Thursday, August 27, 2015

#wordltraveler day two

Day two started as per day one - earlier than we expected for a holiday. Since mr ebb and I like to lay like slugs on days we do not have to work, rising around noon is common. Not this morning. We were out on the streets by 10:30am, heading northwards by cable car (side note: it's well worth grabbing a city pass or transit passport if you plan to take lots of cable car trips and visit a few attractions).
First stop - Lombard Street.
No skateboarding - for reals. It would be a truly crazy longboard route.
Then onwards, heading east all the way down then up Telegraph Hill to the Coitt Tower. Many thanks to the lovely man out sweeping his front step who told us about the steps on the other side of the hill that would take us down to Embarcadero.
The view from the top of the tower was worth the wait - 360 degrees of city and blue skies and bridges.
Lunch at Fog City - just the right amount of cesar salad, fries, cheeseburger, tuna melt and greens. Mmm!
Followed by more than two hours at the Exploratorium - Science World: why can't you be as educational as this place? Why do you have to pull for gimmicks, clickbait and sensationalism, dumbing the science down until it is all just whiz - bang - 'geethat'sawesome' inspirationaless flavourless pap that numbs the masses? /rant
Followed by ice creams at the intriguing Humphry Slocombe in the Ferry Building - oolong tea and nectarine plum for me; hot banana and vietnamese coffee for mr ebb; toast and jam with fudge sorbet for the Wee Guy.
Then just in time to meet up with friends from the UK finishing off the last US leg of their trip - meal out in Chinatown with ice cream and beer and wine back at the apartment.
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