Monday, August 03, 2015

summer halfway?

Mount Baker, devoid of snow

BC is weird.
Before a season is even over and done, people start moving on.
Right now, though it could be the severe drought restrictions in place (only one more level until the local pools are drained waaah!), it's already starting to feel end-of-summer-y.
Or maybe it's the back-to-school displays popping up.

So before it goes all autumnal here (well - the leaves are falling), here's a quick list of summer-ish achievements to date.

  • 4 movies - Antman (poss my fave), Jurassic World (at Twilight Drive In), Tomorrowland, Minions 
  • outdoor pool visits - numerous
  • Firefighters' pancake breakfasts - two breakfasts, four pancakes, many firemen ...)
  • a hammock and a few nights by myself 
  • residential camp - four nights/five days accomplished (so stoked for the Wee Guy)
  • kayaking with old friends
  • holidays in Squamish and Victoria
  • bugs handled - too many
  • trips to Moody Ales - a few (not enough)
  • Evergreen's Music on the Grill - two concerts (I feel so grown up)
  • cycle trips up the hill back home - two return trips nailed :)
... and there's still half the summer to come.
Don't give up on it yet, guys!

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