Thursday, August 06, 2015

Fwd: spt6aug15: here I stand

Evening picnic at the beach. Summer halfway thru but still hanging in there.
Rain earlier today stopped most play at the beach apparently as we had it almost to ourselves.
The water was warm enough to make swimming fun.
The Trangia stove cooked up some succulent sliders. It felt like we were really doing summer.

I worry a little each year that we're not getting this summer thing quite right, that we're missing out on something. I remember back to summers long ago and compare. I think about summers not so long ago and compare. Is this summer as good as the best I remember?

This summer is certainly less frantic than last. How on earth did I manage to hold down my writing contracts, childcare, a college class and selling the house? This summer I've let go a lot of the domestic baggage, seeing only to that which is required for hygiene or safety, and I can feel a little bit if relaxation creeping into the odd moments.
Feels good.
Expect more domestic stuff to vanish from my contract.
Just saying.
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