Saturday, August 15, 2015

spt13aug15: eyes wide shut

shut-eye art in progress: how do you draw eyes closed?

Catching up here, summer is moving too fast too slow to paraphrase my favourite song, so I'm getting the thoughts/ shares down this Saturday morning.

Above? Just wondering - relishing my two hours of art per day summer break. I closed my eyes, clicked the shutter and then tried to re-create the eyelids on canvas.
It's what you see - how you notice, and frankly for the last year or even more I haven't slowed down to notice. Taking its toll.

There has been payoff.
I'm writing more than ever - my main intention - and being paid for it.
I'm enjoying the text-to-screen-then-submit.
I'm back in the world of science once more, and loving picking up where I left off.
Freelance writing is working out well so far - long may it continue.
It's busy though - the days are just packed, and I'm wishing I could get back to the Calvin and Hobbes version of this.

So, in summer mode I can see where the gaps in my day-to-day are, and I'm not talking about gaps to fill with work here. I'm talking about the gaps in the work-life balance that have built up over the last few years. OK - I'm getting a little nervous about plugging these gaps once school restarts in September (for the Wee Guy, not for me ... yet), as the workload | responsibilities | tasks thing never seems to decrease.

I know I can fit the work in, complete my hours for freelance this and contract that ... but how do I make sure that the headspace and creative and exercise time fits in too?

Answers please on the back of a postcard.

*spt = self-portrait thursday

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