Sunday, August 30, 2015

#worldtraveler day four

street art: artists?
A day lazily started.
We lounged on our last day, abandoning one plan and taking up a new one.
Another cable car start to the day, heading down Powell Street to Market, then over to the southside for Yerba Buena Gardens. We spent most of the midday at the Childrens Creativity Museum where the Wee Guy took advantage of the projects to create his own stop motion animation and a music video.
As with most activities designed for kids, there isn't a huge emphasis on extending attention spans, completion of projects, repetition and improvement, diligence, assimilation, perseverance ... I worry that society is conspiring to make my child feel that everything will be handed to him on an easy-feed plate, pre-masticated and perhaps even digested.
mr ebb and I had the most fun making the clay figures for the stop motion, coaxing lumps of clay around wire armatures. Meditative.
not quite Aardman
The end results - the movie clip - was satisfying too.
The fast immediacy and pace left us exhausted before we sped on to the next and the next ...
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We called a halt for lunch and a ride on the Zeum Carousel before resuming in the museum.
Eventually we escaped, ending the day as always with a trip to Humphrey Slocombe for ice cream :)
This time, we spent a little time wandering in the Ferry Building, picking up ingredients for dinner before heading back home via the California Streetcar.
coding with friends

4D Studios crew hard at work
Dinner with friends followed by more trips down memory lane, then Zzzzs.
All packed and ready for an early off. :(
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