Saturday, August 29, 2015

#worldtraveler day three

Itinerary day three:
Cable car Powell-Mason to Fisherman's Wharf area to pick up bike hire (one single, one tandem again), and meet up with Richard and Sarah for our epic ride over the bridge into Sausalito. Holly and Paula to walk/bus/taxi.
Amazingly, we all managed to meet up at our various gathering points before and during the ride. Great views, easy cycling with only a few uphill patches - easily managed with a very efficient set of gears on my bike. mr ebb and the Wee Guy look like tandem pros now.
Brdge traffic - only east side open, therefore stop/start pedaling among walkers. And look out for the Serious Road Cyclists who will keep to their training speeds regardless of how much path is open to them (lycra twats!).
The descent on the north side of the bridge into Sausalito is steep but not too scary, with only a couple of narrow areas to watch out for autos. Made it to the centre and found the ferry building. Holly and Paula caught a taxi from the bridge end.
So - Sausalito Ferry System = big disappointment.
Timed ticket system =  nowhere in sight.
Ferry company's answer to absent timed ticket system = stand in the full sun for over an hour to ensure you and your bike get on the ferry back to SFO.
A big fat bollocks to that one.
We chained our bikes en masse in the queue then left for shade/liquids/solids at a nearby cafe, returning just in time to untangle the bikes and embark.
Awesome bridge and Alcatraz views from the ferry, then thrilling return ride from the Ferry Building to Pier 39 area to return the bikes. Return to Ferry Building (for mmore ice cream) on the totally cute F line trams.
Cable car journey number 5 or 6 (losing count now, but the CityPass has been totally worth it for cable car alone) to Trader Joes to gather supplies; meal out at the Nob Hill Cafe (awesome pizza and carpaccio) then a trip down Memory Lane before zzzs.
Till day 4.
another awesome SFO sight: naked men on bicycles (look very closely!)

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