Thursday, August 27, 2015

#thisis50 on reflection

accepting dog into my life has been a great move :)
One last post (maybe) on life as a newly minted 50-year-old.
'Tis true - the 'notgiveafucks' are strong with this decade, as is the 'love the bod you're in' and 'celebrate the jiggles'.
While I'm still searching for the elusive work:life balance and feel the need to stay healthy|active|alive more keenly, I feel less likely to compromise or to give shits about anything other than my immediate nearest and dearest when they are in the line of fire. The preservation of self is closely tied with the immediate nearests and dearests, so prioritising self makes self sense in a selfish selfless way.
Well, don't sweat it if you don't understand.

PS: birthday treats tally so far - two meals out :), chocolates, a new android tablet, a decrease in meals cooked by me, lots of putting my feet up while others slave around me, flowers (lots, and still more to come), cocktails (two big ones) ...

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