Saturday, August 15, 2015

friday forte: my last?

I guess this should in theory be my last friday forte, if I want to stay mildly accurate to the title (more on this later - stay tuned - don't you just love ambiguous posts?)?

"in which i blog about
  • my mid life crisis
  • my attempts to find peace and harmony as a SAHM
  • my attempts to re-launch myself into the workplace with minimal disruption to family life
  • my fledgling craft and design business
... in other words, and in summary, my attempts to craft in, around, and in spite of my family in an effort to stay sane."

I suppose however, that I'm still blogging about the same journey - it's just the title that might have to change to reflect a new decade. If I look back over all the friday forte posts I've written, there is a sense of progression, a little like the series of self portraits in the pic above that I created over a week's blissful two-hours-a-day art workshop.

It's still a journey, a voyage of discovery - when do I get into port?

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