Saturday, April 10, 2010

what do i do all day: the Friday forte edition

a day off

Continuing with the "what do i do all day" theme running this week and cunningly linking into the friday forte nature of Friday's blog posts AND with an eye to taking part in Amber's April Crafting My Life link up, this week = taking a break.
Yes, today I took a break (which is why this blog post is coming out on Saturday!).

frosty start
The day started frostily, with a layer of frozen hail on the roof and a migraine threatening some heavy action. But outside, oh boy, the sun was in full shine! A shame to miss it. After delivering the Wee Guy to school I packed up the car and headed for the hills. Bollocks to all the inventory and workshop prep, one finger salute to the housework and a big fat raspberry at the taxes!

awesome late season snow
I was not disappointed. The view down The Cut stretched for miles, the snow was immaculate and the crowds only got heavier later in the morning. Bliss! I am pretty certain I was the oldest "shred betty" on the hill but I wasn't the oldest person out riding.

.. and this is one damned fine way to silence the negative voices, the doubt, the nippy sweety biting at your confidence. When I'm out snowboarding (and I'm pretty good at it - two CASI certificates and level II CADS snowboarding) I focus completely on the snow. I look ahead for each bump, each turn in the trail, for changing snow conditions and ice, and stay aware of others around me. It's a great way of clearing the mind and quieting the voice. There are also the mountains to look up to. Although I'm not a religious person these words "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help ..."* seem so appropriate when in the mountains. There is something elevating in the simple act of lifting up your head to look upwards, elevating in terms of mood and spirit. Instead of being downcast and hanging your head, the mere presence and draw of those snow-capped peaks raises the eyes and makes me happy.

Exercise is also a great mood-enhancer. Exercise boosts endorphin release and banishes stress hormone cortisol. Exercise induces release of pituitary growth hormone, useful for anabolic repair and tissue well-being. Exercise is a good guy. Exercise outdoors is even better IMO, and outdoors on snow, mildly out of breath has been a great mood enhancer for me.

Exercise - must do more of it (especially the snowboarding!)

PS: * Psalm 121, from the King James version
PPS: lifting your eyes up also deals with that embryonic double chin-in-waiting


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