Friday, April 09, 2010

what do i do all day: Thursday's photo essay

setting off
Breakfast, then the school run (Wee Guy in stellar mood this morning btw). Brief meeting at school with recycling guru to voice my concerns about kids bringing home stinking garbage in their school bags (all kid-generated rubbish is now being sent home but my main beef is with the stinky milk cartons). Left meeting feeling enlightened of the school's position but left with impression that I am complete failure and moron (which is sooooo easy to do to a SAHM vs. a working mother ie. an important lady) and wondering when all children will have to be sent to school catheterised and colostomised so they don't overload the sanitary system?

sunny burst
Stopped to sniff the flowers in the sunshine.

SPT #2 April 8th
Made stuff.

purple bling
Made more stuff.

SPT 8th April
Made marbled brownies and took part in Self Portrait Thursday.

Catered, refereed and cleared up after play date.

Tried to make wardrobe decisions (not helped much by the cat).
Fed child, glammed up a little and went to gallery opening. Finished evening at Cafe Divano over a coffee (decaf of course), chatting with Sarah about marketing, twittering and so on for the Blackberry Artists.

Home, zzzzz's ........... a new day.


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