Thursday, April 29, 2010

seven years ago today ......

ultrasound 21 Nov
our first view of the Wee Guy

OK - so you've all heard (!) about how I went deaf ...... now do you want to hear about the time I went blind?

Well, it goes something like this ....
23Apr03 maximum girth achieved!
 only seven days to go .....

Seven years ago I was pregnant, and more than just pregnant but approaching my due date. Life had slowed down considerably and I weighed more than my almost 6-foot husband. One morning I woke up feeling crap. My neck ache from the day before was worse, my head ached and I felt sick. Bleh! So I took it easy for the morning in between preparing the crib (which we never used) for the baby and typing up my birth plan (ho ho ho!).

the day before (testing out the new camera) .....

 I was too sicky to eat much (in fact I had thrown up regularly throughout the pregnancy so upchucking was not something new) and spent much of the rest of the day on the sofa. As I lay there contemplating and wondering, which is pretty much all you can do being the size of a house and waiting for labour, I realised that half the room had disappeared.
Hmmmm ....
seven years ago: not really comfortable
beached whale position on the sofa (still not comfortable)

As I 'watched' more of the room vanished in front of me, leaving a pale greyness in its place.
Now, even in my sicky, tired, nauseous state I realised that something was not quite right. And then I realised that if I didn't call someone soon I might not be able to see the numbers let alone find the phone. So I dialed the doc, and to cut a long story short, was ordered straight into BC Womens where, due to the whole weird freaky nature of my condition, I ended up being induced, C-sectioned and delivering a giddy 34 hours later.

PS: I got my sight back. It turned out to be a migraine.
PPS: So much for typing out a touchy, feely birth plan!


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