Friday, April 23, 2010

friday forte: the random thought generator

you'll have someone's eye out with ring my dear
wire and fibre ring: you'll have someone's eye out with that my dear

Taking a lead from the amazing Amber (again - one day she'll write my blog posts I hope and then I can retire) today's friday forte will be a series of random jottings and observations.

#1: I listened to an interview with a Canadian doctor who spent 370 days including a winter-over in Antarctica. He described the kind of sensory deprivation that comes about from being isolated in such an environment with a limited amount of company for interaction with, and how he suspected it altered neural pathways in the brain. When he then moved on to how it felt to be released into the real world again I experienced a flash of de ja vu - it's very similar to what a lot of mothers describe during their 'at home' years with the kids. The kind of emotions and experiences, especially of interacting with others, encountering busy spaces, being bewildered by choice, are all emotions I've run through as I emerge from the SAHM-cocoon. Mummy brain - it's not just for pregnancy?

#2: Mums who are older than the norm, have differing experiences of being SAHM. It might be a generational thing but my sympathy lies with younger mums who are themselves still growing up as they raise their kids. They seem less confident in themselves about their own needs and requirements, and how to get them met. Or maybe I'm just feistier?

#3: I think I know what I want to do but I'm having to take a pause for a little while before stepping out on that road (she says mysteriously ....).

#4: This week's accomplishment = getting Wee Guy's dad to book Wee Guy's birthday party. I have also given Wee Guy's Dad a list of presents which Wee Guy wants, implying that it's up to Dad to buy them. This will be a radical break from tradition in which Dad usually does nothing more than turn up to the gift opening and coo over the presents. OK, he did get Wee Guy and Starbucks mug for Christmas (which the Wee Guy wanted I hasten to add).

#5: I am practising gratitude this week despite last week's friday forte rant. By practising I mean the gratitudinous bits are being written down in my sparkly new journal. I am also practising postive thinking - each night I squeeze a positive thought about my husband out of the quagmire of my disturbed neural pathways into aformentioned journal. I have a buddy who is squeezing positive thoughts (not necessarily about her other half) out in the morning. This scheduling should keep the world in balance and no sudden plagues will descend on Lower Mainland (I hope).

#6: I haven't managed to go snowboarding again, I have been out every night this week, I'm super-excited to be taking part in the Port Moody ArtWalk (I'll be at Tealicious on Clarke Street) and that I got accepted as a vendor for Fab Fair in June!!

#7 ..... and accepted for the New Westminster farmers market this summer. Woot! Had a lovely time with the jury panel too, what a great end to Tuesday it was!

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