Monday, April 12, 2010

what do i do all day: the day of rest

Sunday.  The traditional day of rest ....... unless you're a SAHM when it's just like any other day of the week except all your housemates are at home, all at once and under your feet. Well, that's the usual case. But today we all headed off to the nordic ski area at Cypress Mountain (home of the snowboarding and moguls competitions at the Olympics ..... yes, where great Canadian medals were won on home turf). 

The snow (for there had been a huge dump thanks to some storms at the beginning of the week) was as good as the start of the season. The trails were well groomed. There was parking space (a big plus) and there was fresh bread at Hollyburn Lodge. The skiing was great - I managed some steep downhill sections, only landing on my butt once, and my hips/knees are not currently screaming at me for exercising them. A bit difficult to lift mine eyes up unto the hills because of the trees but I knew they were there :) It was outside, it was exercise, it was (mostly) all good and my spirits are sufficiently elevated to last thru the next week (hopefully) .... but ......
unfortunately I find family outings not much fun these days as the Wee Guy usually starts to act up something rotten when out with both parents, and my DH annoys seven bells out of me when he tries to deal with it. 
The snow was nice but I'm staying home next weekend (or snowboarding on another mountain with any luck!).

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