Tuesday, April 13, 2010

recycling initiatives and whatever ......

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So ..... the recycling mastermind at my son's school is shit hot on recycling within the school environs (very commendable) but unfortunately there's nowhere to hygienically store the cartons, etc. within the building, hence it all coming home in the backpack!
Luckily he's learning to rinse and carry it in a (at-end-of-day unrecyclable manky) plastic bag.
So, on with the recycling mantra.
This week or next week or whenever (I don't carry my son's schedule in my head - I'm not the social secretary anymore than I have to be at home) there will be a recycling field trip where another recycling guru (Dr. Recycle no less) will be visiting the class to indoctrinate and lead a spirited session on upcycling.
To whit, yogurt cartons have been requested.
To whit yogurt carton was provided.
To whit I was informed that it should be an individual pot, not a bulk container.
To whit I replied, "And just how is encouraging single containers and extra packaging part of this great recycling mantra?"

In our house we make attempts to cut down on recycling and packaging, and one of our ploys is to dole out yogurt from the larger bulk containers into smaller, re-usable pots for daily lunch rations.

But somehow this isn't part of the school's recycling effort?
Do I smell BS or has Pseuds' Corner reached Canada?


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