Tuesday, April 06, 2010

So, what do you do all day?

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Hmmm ... that's a bit of a thorny question to ask a SAHM who works from the home.

Maybe after my last themed blogging (Make It March, over on my "business" blog ie. the one that supposedly flogs my jewelry and handcrafting) I should introduce another idea to link together some posts.

Ladies, gentlemen and lurkers - I give you "what I really do all day".
Starting with yesterday ......

Yesterday was still Spring Break, or more technically Easter. I managed to convince the DH he would be better back at work (!) so only had the Wee Guy to entertain. After a leisurely breakfast and some inbox de-cluttering we headed off to Science World.

The whole of Vancouver was there, still on Easter break (their Spring Break was at the beginning of March). Mercifully the line ups were brief, threats issued only twice re: running off and being at the mercy of passing bogeymen (I believe in coercion, threats and fear when parenting in public) and the Wee Guy had a great time. He played with Every Single Exhibit Available. White Spot for lunch was less crowded than usual cos we ate while Bobs and Lolo were playing (a sneaky move, not premeditated but simply cos we got to the line up too late for each concert).
in flight
I love love love Science World. It is so entertaining, engaging, there's something new on tap at every turn ......... but each exhibit is a 30s only adventure for my Wee Guy. By the end of the second hour my head was reeling with his butterfly attention span flittings. Science World is great for kids but not so much for the adults with the kids. Boy, was it frustrating not being able to take in each exhibit at a leisurely pace.
brooding clouds
But then that's what Science World After Dark is for (next one scheduled April 23rd - not a kid in sight!). What a great idea!

PS: for the rest of the day I cooked, cleaned, tidied, prepped for school and sent a few emails. Oh and I painted my toenails in the evening ( a nice shade of blue in case you were wondering).


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