Thursday, March 15, 2012

self portrait thursday: we feel fine

we feel fine, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Please see my post from 2007 for some explanation and to check out where the original photo came from (and ended up!).

Yes - that old familiar feeling is crawling back into my life. I didn't ask but it came, totally uninvited. Thank you, now leave.
So I kicked its ass with a brisk 500m freestyle in the pool at lunchtime then settled down for some homework bashing at Caffe Divano. I haven't 'written out' for so long now.
What have I been thinking?
What have I been missing?

I find it amazing that even at four years or more, I'm still battling feelings of being overwhelmed by life around me. The additive effects of Spring Break coupled with a week of solo parenting have doubled the frustration of Not Really Getting Anywhere Fast ... Or have they?

If I take a step backwards (in sensible grown up shoes) I can see how much progress I am making right now. Life is crazy busy but my hard work seems to be paying off. Spring Break and mr ebb away on a business trip (hello Kiev!) have doubled (tripled??) the time crunch but I've had some wonderful days out with the Wee Guy this week. I'm teaching next week or, in 'working mum' speak, earning some money. Good news, even if it does mean an extra heap of prep into the wee small hours. ... and please don't mention the homework deadlines looming, or the fact I forgot the jump rings for chainmailling!

I remind myself - this too shall pass, and you'll manage OK. OK is good enough, and your OK is better than most.

I feel fine :)

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