Friday, November 30, 2007

overwhelmed but fighting back

i just can't shake the feeling of being overwhelmed by life and everything right now.

the wee guy has been ill off and on all week so sleep has been not that great. i'm busy with ebb and flo, christmas gift-getting, last shipping dates for the UK and general household maintenance. my hair is a mess, my skin is a mess, my clothes are a mess ..... all i really want to do is yell "stop" and let myself catch up.

i'm finding this very stop/start life as the mum of a busy pre-schooler very draining right now. there seems to be no time to settle down at anything as things can change at a moment's notice. i never know if i will have 2 minutes, 20 minutes or 2 hours for getting something done and frequently i have no time to myself during the day, without being interrupted by "mummy, come now, come and play with me!".

maybe he knows that school is just around the corner and that life will change, no more 'mummy and me' for days on end.

i love being a mum and this time i have at home with the wee guy is so precious but it's driving me nuts and exhausting me at the same time. i feel so selfish about the way i feel yet i know i need to carve out some quiet time/solo time/ me time too.

no one said it would be easy and easy it ain't!

i think the T shirt says it all
from the amazing (go check them out pronto!)

... and then someone compliments me on my earrings (which i made myself!!) and nature throws me a most awesome sunset to cheer me up! tonight's sunset


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