Monday, November 05, 2007

crafting365 /d48 - me and him

OK so what does a big bunch of leaves and sycamore keys collected out on a walk to the post office have to do with crafting365?

Whoa! and hold on there a moment! What exactly is crafting365?

Crafting365 is a flickr group, started by the amazing bugsandfishes aka Lupin, which documents crafting projects 365 days a year. So far it's got over 340 members who post a picture a day showing what they're currently working on . While a lot of the photos do show completed projects, a refreshing number also show works on the go .... and not just traditional crafts. So far I've spotted cupcakes, piles of materials in prep, studio shots (plus beverages), toffee apples, pumpkins and knitting in mid-knit. I have contributed mainly pics of earwires on the go (cos I make a lot and they fill my craftable minutes) plus crochet, more crochet and some art clay silver.

So my day 48 work-on-the-go picture is this one. But why is a pile of leaves and sycamore keys my contribution? Well, the leaves are part of a leaf picture, which is my wee guy's contribution to our daily crafting activities (spot the glue smudge).

... and the sycamore keys? Well I have plans for them which involve
art clay silver ..... need I say anymore?

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