Tuesday, October 30, 2007

treasury poster of handmade earwires in use

OK I know - if I'm not hammering on about my cufflinks I'm promo'ing my handcrafted earwires to all and sundry! But have you seen what people are using them for?

Check this out (and click here to see the original screenshot on flickr).

Using the Etsy treasury poster tool I chose from all the awesome earrings jewelry artists have made using my handcrafted earwires.

Stunning collection or what?

With grateful thanks to
groovyglassgirl, PrettyInPeace, sadieandleo, TheresaJ, michymoo, and abeleeshandcrafted

.... and a huge thank you to Anna for sending me this great photo of an earring she made with one of my earwires. I can't link to her as she's making these as gifts and not selling.

Anna - these are gorgeous!

Happy crafting!


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