Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my prize woot woot!

my prize woot woot!
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My prize pack for a competition arrived last week! So exciting! and filled with Etsy goodies ..........

Oh phooey! I can't maintain the phoney excitement. This was my prize for winning the Winter bead challenge which Etsy agreed to sponsor. The competition ended at the beginning of April this year ...... when embarrassingly (not for me) I had just come out of a muting for anti-Etsy forum behaviour.

Quelle horreur! Etsy was going to have to honour its agreement and send moi a prize package.

A month went by with no prize arriving. Another month and no prize, another month then another ..... and you get the picture!

In August I contacted the organiser (another Etsy seller) to find out if Etsy had pulled out of the sponsorship. She contacted Matt at Etsy who swore he had sent out the prizes to me and the other winner.

Neither of us received a package. The prizes were resent.

By the beginning of September neither prize winner had received a prize. Convos were sent. Matt said he would resend.

Meanwhile a Showcase date (part of the original prize package) magically appeared on my Etsy bill for Sept 17th ..... I guess even electronic prize delivery takes it time?

By the end of September a prize package had still not arrived with either prize winner so I contacted Matt directly to spare the challenge organiser anymore embarrassment with having to tell an online selling site that their packages had failed to materialise a second time.

My Etsy prize eventually arrived October 16th, postmarked the day after I sent Matt my convo (what a coincidence!!). I'm astounded it arrived safely as the packaging was quite flimsy and my surname had been omitted from the address line ... or indeed anywhere on the package at all (so it's a good thing I didn't have to collect from the PO).

So Matt, many thanks for 'keeping the faith' and sending out my prize. I'm soooooo glad it arrived just over 6 months from the end of the competition - with dedication like that I know that Etsy is certainly has our livelihoods (and a new, improved Search engine) to heart.

ra ra Etsy - am being nice and am golden!


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