Monday, October 22, 2007

blast from the past ...

This song came up on the radio playlist this afternoon as I was driving the wee guy back from a parent and tot skate session at the local rink (FYI the wee guy was awesome in his little skates!). I found myself, with tears running down my face, explaining how the song reminded me of a very dear friend who I used to dance with a long time ago.

There then followed some discussion of why this friend could no longer dance with me. I tried to explain that he was now in heaven (Yes, like Dog Heaven), and after some thought the wee guy pronounced, "Mummy, you can dance with me now."

Andrew, forever in my heart, this one's for you wherever you are dancing now.


Cathy said...

That made me cry too... sweet post.

Rebecca said...

These are the moments in motherhood that you will hold on to forever. Write them in a book and re-read them when he's 16 and sneaking around doing things that make you wonder if he'll survive to adulthood. :-)

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