Friday, October 12, 2007

fools and bairns ....

.... shouldn't see things half started.

Almost there for an art clay silver piece to hold the delicious shoozles fused glass cabachon.
This is my first attempt at building a bezel cup in this way. I'll be firing it tonight so hopefully will have some good results to post later!

The raised bezel cup is fine silver but the rest of the piece (and the holes) is
art clay silver.

Update: the piece got fired last night. Since the clay shrinks 10% and the bezel ring doesn't, some infilling work on the reverse of the piece was required. Again that was fired last night leaving an interesting hmmmm 'organic' look to the reverse. I now have to polish the bezel area and set the glass (fun I hope) then complete the polishing. It will probably have a couple of hours in the tumbler later today.

I'm hoping to update this thru flickr or edit my blog post thru the day and tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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and PS: i'm appalled at how old my hands look in close ups!
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