Friday, March 23, 2012

friday forte: week of words

jewelry design class
just be yourself: it's OK
A week chock-full of words.
One parcel of words submitted in the form of the first draft of an assignment for editing.
Monday's Wordle and pondering on the meaning of the term 'professional mother'.
Wednesday's wordful wordlessness at Pecha Kucha in my own words.
Last night's singsong words at the opera, and today's words around the table with my lovely class of jewelry design students.
Words said - words unsaid.

Not just my own words.
  • On CBC Radio One's Q, Jian Ghomeshi talked with Lily Rothman about her spirited promotion of the word gal, to be used instead of the infantilising term, girl, for women as an alternative/equal to guy.
  • Reading words - Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique
  • Instructions - how to and how not to, Adobe Dreamweaver and Illustrator and Photoshop (oh my)
Is it just this week, or are all my weeks so chock-full of words?
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