Thursday, March 08, 2012

self-portrait thursday: the day before edition


So, i'm cheating; the spt is from yesterday. But whatever! I haven't exactly been posting great content here recently so be grateful for what you get ;)
Today is International Women's Day. I posted the Daniel Craig/Judy Dench video last year, mused about how little had changed for women during my lifetime (and got a textual tongue-lashing for it over on FB) and followed up with some posts about the amazing women who have been players in my life.
So - what's happened since then for women in general?
I don't take notes so please excuse if my observations seem a little unsubstantial.
Apparently, there are now more women teaching in afghanistan and thus more girls in education but this gain is vulnerable due to the political/religious system.
Women still do not have lifetime earnings parity, and this worsens with each break in career for childrearing.
In the EU, a majority of countries have still not signed up to achieve gender-parity in the boardroom.
Women are now being urged to have plastic surgery to tend to unsightly external genitalia - yes, even in Canada, the home of the beaver!

Not many gains?
So how about next year? Even if I could report the rise in surgical dick and sack enhancement clinics (botox anti-wrinkle treatments, guys), i'd be happy.

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