Monday, March 12, 2012

month of eats: menu-time again

Voila! - another month of eats (a week late so we've already guzzelled thru Week One).
I'm cheating somewhat - a couple of prepared meals snuck in there, but I do have two weeks of Spring Break plus a whole slew of deadlines to contend with.
I'm allowed some easy outs.

PS: I'm not the only blogger who preps a month ahead - check out Planning Queen's March meal plan plus shopping list and iPhone app here.

Week One:
  • Monday =  soup (freezer), homemade bread and cheese 
  • Tuesday = butter chicken with garlicky naan bread (freezer meal)
  • Wednesday = baked potatoes (wrapped in foil, slow cooker on HI for the day) served with cream cheese and coleslaw
  • Thursday = slow cooker pork stew with olives (ended up in a rush so added pork chops, pasta sauce, red wine and olives to slow cooker - it worked!)
  • Friday = breaded fish fillets, oven-baked with fries

Week Two:
Week Three:
  • Monday = beans lasagne or pastichio (yes, the beans!)
  • Tuesday = chilli (ready meal) with rice (freezer meal)
  • Wednesday = baked potatoes (again)
  • Thursday = slow-cook spaghetti bolognese
  • Friday = pork tenderloin maple glazed with a brie salad dressing (from the latest All You Need is Cheese magazine)

Week Four:
  • Monday = spaghetti cheese pie (made with cooked spaghetti mixed with a couple of whisked eggs, topped with grated cheese then baked until cheese melted)
  • Tuesday = fajita chicken soup (commercial) with homemade bread
  • Wednesday = chicken goujons with salad
  • Thursday = homemade burgers with fries and salad
  • Friday = out!
Bon appetit!
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