Monday, March 19, 2012

midlife monday: words words words

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Big fat juicy ones, long tall skinny ones, eat them up and throw the skins away.

OK not about words unless you change a consonant.

So which words would I like to see banned from everyday use? or more precisely, which string of words?

I nominate that essentially (IMO) redundant phrase, working mother. And this is why. What exactly is a working mother? I suppose it's a woman who has a child or children in her care, who also works. So the opposite of a working mother is one who doesn't do any work. And this is where the problem lies - the definition of work.

If by work you mean gainful employment for a salary, then the term working mother naturally excludes women who are the stay-at-home parent in the relationship. Technically they do no work. Hmmm - should 'housework' be reclassified?

So, when the working mother comes home at the end of her day she can then put her feet up because she has no work to do?

And what about fathers - is a dad who works for pay more properly termed a working father? Can't say I've heard that particular phrase in common use.

What about mothers who work part-time? Are they only half-working mothers, or are they semi-amateur?

What about professional mothers? Is this another tier of working above mere working working? or does it refer to those who devote themselves solely to being a parent by staying home and being non-working mothers? Professional dads anyone?

Is work only work if it comes with a salary?
Should SAHMs be known as non-working mothers? How does that make you feel?

I'll leave you to ponder.

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