Friday, March 30, 2012

friday forte: the return

the return
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The wanderer returned this afternoon. He doesn't travel for business very often; his sojourns are irregular making parental planning a potential nightmare. I've achieved very little in terms of Real Work this week while mr ebb has been away (and ditto two weeks ago during his last absence) so I'm left catching up with homework, projects, and so bloody on into the wee small hours.

Time when he's away seems very fractured; the chunks of time for a project get whittled down or interrupted wit other domestic necessities. I find there's a bitty piecemeal air to the whole day, not conducive to getting much done ... so I tend to fritter the precious time.

Next time around I shall schedule more and tightly regulate my day. I've also created a Work user account on my laptop, devoid of social media temptation or distraction so I'm not, um, tempted or distracted away from Getting Stuff Done.

Luckily I don't solo parent very often but, when I do, it painfully highlights my defective time management skills under pressure. Live and learn I hope.
Single parents - I tip my hat to you. Bravo!
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