Sunday, March 18, 2012

fallen behind

the ones that didn't get away: bug collection at Science World
Oh the complete irony! - enrolled in a professional writing program and doing relatively little of the stuff, or so it seems. I am doing a lot of writing these days but very little of it ends up here. There's a huge time crunch in my life right now. Writing these days seems solely to Get Assignments Done. The last straw was probably blogging for class! The novelty of higher education is wearing thin as the time for yet another blog post flies out of the window. Ditto creative time too - I'm twitchy from not enough crafty moments making stuff.

I'm also experiencing a frisson of frustration at still being so far from IRL with my endeavours. While churning out homework, nothing seems to translate into concrete experience; I seem far from Re-Launch. Though when I do look at Those About To Graduate, I am glad it's not me. I have so far to go compared with these embryonic professionals I share classes with currently. (Don't take my word for it, btw - come to the Print Futures Portfolio show on April 14th to see some real writers in action!)

So between the frustration of still chugging away at Plan C and the impending terror of Making It Real, I'm cultivating patience and foresight. Over the years of volunteering and teach-yourself-software I've developed a not-too-shabby portfolio of skills, and this can only get better.

But in the meantime I need to give myself a break, establish some much-needed regular exercise and get back into gear with some recreational writing. So far this semester you've missed reading about my weekend away in Victoria, the angst of interviews for a summer internship, assorted domestic woes, adventures in counselling, and I've not yet expanded on my llama farm project!

Stay tuned :)
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