Friday, March 11, 2011

friday forte: so ..... what happens now?

So, what happens now that I'm a mum?

Well apparently I cannot complain about anything ever again. I cannot voice frustration. I should not explain that I would like to make changes in my domestic lot. I'm forbidden to make public any whinges, gripes or grouses. Voicing my own opinion is a bit iffy too.

I should count my blessings, be content with my lot, put up, shut up, stay silent, not seek change.


Well, for fear of offending single women, "working" mothers*, childless women, ..... there is allegedly an endless list of women I can offend just by being western, married, a stay-at-home mum, sponging living off my partner, unsalaried, not using my education, allergic to full time childcare, and so on. I'm so glad I'm not an older mother too ... oh wait! I am at least 10 years older than most of the mums at my son's school. Damn!

For the record (and again I refer you to Monday's post) this blog is about me trying to trying to stay sane in, around and in spite of my family. The tag line should tip you off - it's where I come to think through my life. It's where I come to write it out, how I'm going to do the best with what's happening around me at the time. Currently I'm making this up as I go along since there's no road map. My life, domestic or otherwise, is a WIP.

If you'd like to share, then please read.
If you'd like to cheer me on, or offer advice, please comment.
If you'd like to disagree, please comment.
However, if you come here to tell me not to feel the way I do, then please tell me exactly how you (aka my target audience), a not-entirely-confident, unemployed outside the home for almost 10 years, semi-deaf, mid-forties, immigrant mother with zero extended family nearby, scarce childcare resources, a (randomly-traveling) partner of almost 20 years, plus an "unrecognised in Canada" University qualification** would go about it all.

I'm all ears and could do with some clues.

*IMO all mothers are working mothers, whether they leave the house or not
**gah! this sounds so pathetic. substitute with "mid-life translocated diva entrepreneur who prefers quiet meetings locations, and is trying to make a go of finding balance in the face of no salary without abandoning her child to full time daycare even if she could find it"

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