Friday, March 18, 2011

friday forte: RIP mrs pig

RIP mrs pig, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Sorry but there won't be a witty, self-obsessed whine about my life today (neither was there yesterday for self portrait thursday).

mrs pig died during breakfast this morning, after a very short illness. She was warm, as comfortable as I could make her, and had spent most of the night snuggled in my arms.

Her kidney cysts were growing massively and I suspect that renal function packed in quite dramatically. Yesterday afternoon she went blind, and then worsened through the night. She stopped eating and eventually couldn't even raise her head. She enjoyed her snuggling for as long as she remained aware. I'm not sure by morning if she even knew we were around but she was still warm and seemed comfortable.

The next step was a visit to the vet for a final injection, but instead she quietly fell asleep.

We will miss her little scuttling presence in the corner of the living room, and her merry but slightly hysterical 'wheek' as the fridge door opened. She was a Freecycle pig who, along with her mate mr pig, came into our lives 2 and a half years ago. They've been great housemates, great recyclers of green matter and good company. mr pig was euthanased early January this year and I've been worried about mrs pig ever since. Guinea pigs are social creatures and they've always lived in the heart of the household with us. She and Grizz our cat became strange best mates after mr pig died.

Her kidney cysts were enlarging dramatically and we knew the end was close. It was and it happened very quickly, thank goodness.
RIP mrs pig.

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