Thursday, March 03, 2011

SPT self portrait thursday March 3rd 2011

in conversation with two wonderful sculptures by Pat de Couto

It's Thursday and it's 'look at me' time again here on the blog (what else is new?)

Today I have worn a few hats.

First, it was Amanda the mother getting the wee guy out of the hotel to go skiing (yes, this was a totally spur of the moment decision - 8pm Tuesday pondering, booked hotel by 10pm, next day in Whistler to set up gallery show, Wee Guy and mr ebb along for a wee break. yay spontaneity!)

SPT self portait thursday March 3rd 2011

Next it was Amanda the fearless daredevil older snowboard chick (I enjoy this one) out in the powder with The Boys.

And eventually it was Amanda the mixed media artist here at the Roots exhibition opening at the Scotia Creek Gallery in Whistler.

Briefly it was Amanda the tuned-in diva on her smartphone responding to emails about college homework.

Right now it's Amanda the really sleepy who still has her make up to remove before hitting the sack, tired but happy.

SPT self portait thursday March 3rd 2011

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