Tuesday, March 08, 2011

same old, same old

I am lucky.
I have benefited from changes won by passionate women in the past.
I have benefited from unlimited academic education, been employed in a traditionally male environment, and had the freedom to travel, vote, debate, and own property.

Yet I am also one of the sizable minority who has suffered domestic violence in her life.
I am also one of the many who still contribute to the billions of dollars in unpaid labour worldwide.
I am blessed yet automatically handicapped by raising a son.
Parenting is still unequally weighted onto me by society.
I was born in the sixties, yet the essence of the message above has been unchanged since then.

For some strange reason, being born with a uterus condemns more than 50% of the world's population to deprivation, danger, poverty, inequality, lack of status, insecurity, drudgery, ignorance ... all this just for being a woman.

It's definitely more than time for change.
It's been more than time for change for the whole of my life.

Happy International Women's Day 
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