Sunday, March 27, 2011

random sunday-at-a-craft-fair thoughts

Ok so we were meant to have access at 10am - what gives?
Quick trip to the loo to kill waiting time then go ask for the key - ah, someone else has. Let's go.
Table still here but drat, left the stool in the car (will ask mr ebb to bring it when he arrives with a coffee).
Set up - where will I put everything today? Mix it up or go with yesterday's winning layout (ho ho)?
Opening already? Waah!
So - must sell four cuffs to break even.
Slow start - where is everybody?
Ugh! Hay fever. Who wants to buy from a crafter with a bright red nose?
Did I pack tissues? Phew - yes I did.
Yay! A sale. Down to a two-and- half cuff sales pitch.
There are a lot of jewellers here - five of the eight tables in my block are selling jewelry, and seven out of the seventeen other tables I can see from where I sit. What is this? Fab Fair (which btw is a most excellent jewelry and bags fair at Heritage Hall on Main Street in June)?
The table next to me is so tempting (not chocolalate, but plants).
Still at two and a half cuffs ... or eight pairs of earrings ... or two necklaces ... or any combination ....
Yay for meeting friends, old and new. Sent a couple more artists in search of the Vancouver Indie Crafters group forum :)
Still stuck at two-and-half cuffs :(
Yay - more friends visiting!
Oh thank goodness for a wifi connection.
Black bra, flesh coloured top - no.
Hayfever season is here :(
Great chat with a lovely family out for a Sunday afternoon stroll :)
Another marketer trying to make money off an artisan - no thank you. Arts and crafts is a growth industry but sadly not for the artists themselves.
Tortured by having photograph taken ;)
Mission accomplished - officially broken even, two cuffs going to two new homes :)
PS: Handmade doesn't count as new for Lent (just sayin').
I seem to have stopped sneezing.
OMG in profit! Chatting with other vendors, it seems everyone found it hard work to break even. High table fees really take a cut.
Wow! Closing bell - pack and go home.

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