Friday, March 04, 2011

friday forte: aloft or dropping?

aloft or dropping?, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

personally, I think it's maintaining altitude

Came back from Whistler (where I am masquerading as an artist once more) to find 122 emails in my inbox plus two 'dropped-the-ball' appointments, and a failure-to-send message canceling another.

I really (really) need to get back up to speed creatively at the bench, but will have to spend Saturday morning wading through said inbox decluttering and making sure that I'm not missing any homework (for instance, one of my assignments is a group project so it's not just me I would be screwing up if I drop the ball on that one.

So - the kite analogy (pretty picture though)?
I think overall I'm still maintaining altitude with work, college and on the domestic front. In some ways it's easier to backpeddle in the domestic arena though I did play hooky from college to attend opening night of the gallery exhibition (and packed in some snowboarding too). Spring Break comes up in just two weeks - I have a class to teach, another exhibition deadline, and also 24/7 parenting plus college. I think my support systems are in place (fingers crossed) and the calendar well annotated.

Wish me luck though (please) - I feel like I'm trying to pull off the near impossible with my eyes closed. All it would take is one gust to bring me crashing earthwards ...

... or, alternatively, send me soaring skywards.
Do I have the choice?

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