Wednesday, March 09, 2011

wordless wednesday: International Women's Week

Emma and Sasha, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Emma, who was incredibly supportive when my wee guy was born

Just pics - some of the incredible women who are my strength. Thank you :)

garden elves
my mum, who also carved out a meaningful life for herself in, around and in spite of her family commitments but was always there for us when we got home from school

mother and daughter and daughter-to-be
my grandmother, who kept all my artwork in a big scrapbook (thanks for making me feel special)

baby shower
Bitte, a seasoned expat wife who helped me thru expat motherhood and relocated spousehood

at Family Place in Kits
Dani, one of the amazing nannies and mums I've met over the years at Family Places in the Lower Mainland

my amazing mummy friends
my prenatal mum chums who continued with the postnatal support group when we were all sleep-deprived and tearing our hair out in anguish

Gullane Beach
the fabulous Aunty B, my little sister

family history
the incredible women in my family who forged a path for me

another fabulous mum chum, Nanette, who had my back during the early years with my wee guy

All quite ordinary women, but without whom my life would have been bumpier (OK and non-existent if we're going to get all biological).
Thank you ladies!

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