Sunday, September 05, 2010

so .... that was August?

Museum of Anthropology, UBC
MOA with my holiday buddy

It's recap time - what did August bring in the way of revelation, excitement, enterprise and personal growth.

Let's recap backwards then!

a trip to the PNE

Personal Growth
  • I turned 45.
  • 45 seems to be the new "halfway through" and, bringing with it, a new sense of contentment.
  • I'm still not too clear on where I am heading though.
  • Creating areas of peace and quiet has helped me get through the 24/7 hurly burly of summertime parenting. 
    peeve-banishing macro shot
    • I had a couple of lovely markets at New Westminster Farmer's Market in August, selling enough to cover my table fees and leading to a a couple of custom requests. This always makes me happy, not just the 'cash in hand' aspect of it, but the fact that buyers want my stuff! It's also been a great learning experience for the Wee Guy as he's been helping me set up at each market .... before running off to play in the kids' area. He's learning a bit of independence and I'm learning to loosen the apron strings.
    • I've pitched some classes for the winter session to a local arts centre. Wire crochet, as usual so stay tuned to the classes tab over on pomomamadesign dot com.
    • I sold one of my new craft kit take aways!! 
    • I introduced a new necklace design to my stall. 
    aerial walkway exploring
      • It's the summer holidays - what more could you ask for? We've been to the PNE Playland (twice), the fireworks in Vancouver, Burnaby Village museum, a BlogHer pity party, the Museum of Anthropology, the Macmillan Space museum, Kooza, UBC botanical gardens, a trip up Grouse Mountain ..... and still packed in two camps plus a family holiday,! Whew!
      Museum of Anthropology
        • The phrase, an enjoyable family holiday is not an oxymoron (even if there are loads of wasps around).
        • I still know my way around blog template tinkering (do you like it?)
        • I feel nude without an adequately charged camera at the ready, and feel peeved if I don't take numerous "artistic" macro pics on each outing.
        • There were more nude bottoms and one more pair of bollocks than I remembered in Raven and the First Men at MOA. One of the (genderless) humans has a hairstyle very like my current one!
        • We've survived the entire 10 weeks of summer holiday, and with back-to-school imminent, I know I'm going to miss the Wee Guy's company. We've done so much together, and enjoyed it.
        • I really do work much better with a schedule though.
        • I want to go back to school.
        Museum of Anthropology
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