Thursday, September 02, 2010

heading down the mountain

... and we're galloping down the mountain of summer holidays. Only one more week to go until full time schooling starts again. Socks to be found, trousers to be lengthened, indoor shoes to be located, jackets to be labeled, and so on! all in around, and in spite of keeping the family machine running.

I've thus officially given up on trying to keep to a meaningful blog schedule (sorry to shock but for my regular readers the gentle hint of irregular posting might have somewhat given this away?). There just isn't the time or brainpower at my disposal.

So, as a brief buffer here's a few snippets to keep you salivating(?) for more.

Posts I need to write;
- an August recap (as per Amber's instructions (it will be late)
- a rant about steroetyping working vs SAHM mums
- a "how we did it" summer holidays recap (to be published after the wee guy goes back to school)
- a crafty round up of projects (almost) achieved for my other blog (nicely delayed to allow me to actually finish some of them - me hate sewing up)
- a couple of posts promoting the Place des ArtsOpen Days which I will be demo'ing at (consider yourselves invited)
- how much i hate firefox (and love ubuntu - but this might change if ubuntu gets firefox buggy in the interim)
- my quest (in ever decreasing circles) for an appropriate smartphone (need to do this soon as it's gobbling up what little online time i have)
- llama farming
- plans and projects and dreams (if i can remember them in the maelstrom of family commitments)
- how i plan to use my time productively (ho ho ho)
- yay for getting afterschool care (yes, i did it! that might not be a post, more of a self-congratulatory party on the page)
- a new month of posting for the Blackberry Artists (once the camera and i hit the giftshop again)

Posts I'm likely to write;
....... all of them I hope (here's to some uninterrupted time at the keyboard).

I have so much to give, and so little time .... ;)
stay tuned

mwah mwah

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