Monday, March 21, 2016

catching up

Heading off
Catching up as my holiday gallops along.
I spent a lovely day in Edinburgh, taking my first cost up Carlton Hill before meeting a high school friend for lunch. L hadn't changed one bit and I had a wonderful lunch filling in the missing pieces of life in the 32 years or so since we last caught the school bus home together.
Round the bend
After that I took an inspiring wander around the national portrait gallery. What caught my eye there was a surprisingly moving exhibition on women farming around Scotland. My first ever excellence lambing was with a woman who farmed her dad's farm. I learned a lot from her, about sheep, working around family, keeping going when exhausted, ...

On Saturday I caught up with a few bits and pieces for work. Being 8 hours behind West coast time is still a nuisance but it's getting easier. My most productive time of day however, is still the morning, no matter what the time zone. Mornings lately have been spent out on a walk with parents and dog - a very valuable use of time in my opinion.
Frog guarding the spawn
On Sunday, we had a mini family reunion, with my aunt and uncle, and my cousin and her husband. I don't think we stopped talking for a moment except when chewing. Plenty of catching up again! It's been more than five years I think?
And today - a birthday. That I was here for :)

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