Monday, March 14, 2016

in the interim

new bridge, old bridge - replacing the Forth Road bridge
I've been busy - holidaying, writing, working, relaxing - all of the above.
Right now I'm cooking dinner but let's see if I can fill in the missing gaps on this travelogue.

best museum in the world?
Last week, I was in Aberdour visiting with my parents. We walked lots, wandered round the garden and all got over a nasty cold. On Tuesday, I took the train in to Edinburgh again and this time, walked south up The Mound, over the Royal Mile and down to the museum in Chambers Street. This is the same museum that my sister and I stomped around as children - it's been renovated but there are still some familiar faces mong the taxidermy in the animal hall :)

There's also a Scottish discoveries hall, triumphantly celebrating all the good things that have come from Scots endeavour ... which sadly, on International Women's Day, does not include one woman!

lone pine
Wednesday - I worked and walked. Spent a lovely afternoon dodging the mud with dad and dog. How did I not notice how splendid Scots pines are when I lived here? They are just like arbutus trees with their orange bark.

Thursday - work. Catching up on Accelerating Science posts to upload, and sending off drafts for other projects. My eyes were tired by the end of the day :(

yo! sushi :)
Friday - a trip into town with mum, visting Yo Sushi in Harvey Nicks for lunch then swiftly on to the chocolate bar for dessert. Mmm - definitely the best way to recouperate! I ate my first caramel shortbread slice of the holiday and this one was covered in glitter.. Wonder if I'll poop sparkles ...

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