Monday, March 07, 2016

get me to the church

snow on the Pentlands, Black Sands beach

Another day of blue skies and sunshine. Yesterday it snowed - fat flakes falling steadily but they didn't settle. This morning - sun on frost.
view to the Pentlands from the old pier

We walked again. Down to the beach, past the harbour and over the cliffs. The Pentlands over the Forth, dusted with last night's snow (and no - we didn't catch the aurora as the curtains were closed).
Aberdour parish church - west wall
After lunch I called in on an old friend , caught up with life, then went to church.
Not just any old church, by the way, but an early 12th century church.

churchyard, looking west towards the castle
And then I sketched until my fingers were too cold to move.

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