Wednesday, March 02, 2016

arrival: journey's end

looking south-ish to Inchcolm and Edinburgh
Monday's travel day went smoothly, with only an extra hour tagged on because of a tech problem with hydraulics on the last connection.
on top of the world
I slept a little on the main flight and managed to stay up until 10pm local time at my destination. Slept soundly to a decent hour in the morning. Shook out the jet lag cobwebs with a sunny walk with parents and dog, hunting scarlet elfcup fungi and tracking deer hoof prints in the mud. Even managed some work before The Crash ...
scarlet elf cups

mossy nest packed into a tree fork
At least I can nap.
And I got some sun (and even managed a little work).
Day one = awesome.
It's good to be 'home' :)
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