Sunday, March 06, 2016

graveyard shift

view south towards Edinburgh
I grew up next to a graveyard ... actually, it's more like under a graveyard since the land is higher and there is a magnificent stone retaining wall holding back the earth as a boundary. It has never freaked me out and I never dwelt on living next all those souls. I did however consider it a great spot for peace, quiet and as a shortcut to visit a friend out west in the village. I had chats with the stonemasons at work, and watched a memorial worker adding lead lettering. Sometimes I'd prop up a wilting plant.

panorama looking west to east thru north
Now I appreciate it more for its vantage point - on top of the world, a great lookout over the rest of the village east and south. The skies are big from here. It's still peaceful, a beautiful place to rest.


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