Thursday, March 03, 2016

spt 3mar16: d4 and working

all the fun of (digital) oils with no mess #artrage
This is day 4, I guess, counting my day of travel and the third-of-a-day time shift. I think I say bye-bye to the jet lag, though it does sneak up unexpectedly. Today was the first day that I didn't find my eyelids snapping shut around midday (aka 4 in the morning, home-time). Acclimatisation, in progress.
Black Sands, looking south and west-ish
This morning, I went out for what is becoming a daily walk. Mum and I took the dog down to the beach where we found some chunks of lilac beach glass. The beach was empty and the sky blue; no wind and warm in the sun. Bliss.
looking east-ish to Hawkcraig
On from the beach, we walked right to the end of the harbour - chatted with friends as if time had just never passed, then continued round to the old pier under Hawkcraig. The boats are still out of the water for winter in the harbour and the views from the cliff walk is still wide open without the leaves on the trees. There's still enough new life showing its presence to avoid bleakness though.
looking back to Black Sands from the harbour
We opted not to climb up Shore Road and instead took the short and sharp route onto the top of the cliffs to return past the castle, along the railway tracks then back onto the High Street. Today's walk took in a lot of the old Aberdour sights I relish.

Then I worked. I laid yesterday's "desperately seeking an opening paragraph" to rest and got a first draft into reasonable shape. Finished off with some edits requested for other posts in time for dinner. Although I'm definitely not going full digital nomad here--I'm only gone for three weeks, and I stacked enough projects in advance to reduce the hours--so far I'm happy. While it is a pale imitation of Steffani Cameron's Full Nomad adventure (please do go read the blog - it is inspiring and real), I think it's a good start to working in, around and in spite of my family.
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