Monday, October 11, 2010


Oh ... and Happy Thanksgiving. We celebrate late in this house - there's no family to descend on (us), no big meals (heck! we're not even canadian in anything other than certificate), and for domestic efficiency, any cooking of birds is done at the end of the weekend so the afters last into the busy times (I'm sneaky).

But I'm still appreciative. The sun shone and so did the son. He rode his bike properly for the First Time Ever, just as mr ebb and I were beginning to lose hope. I mentioned maple leaves on the other blog (in a rabid attempt to sell some of them).

.... and then ...

Me: So, I'm running the dying laptop on Ubuntu right now.
Lil' Sis (on other end of skype connection): Ubuntu?
Me: It's like the last hope for dying computers, when they're too sick to cope with anything else. It's like Windows Incredibly Lite, and doesn't really run anything. Any attempt to run a Windows program is met with a polite refusal or "ooh, we've never thought of that before!"
Lil' Sis: Ubuntu ..... it sounds like that drink thing we used to get ..... what was it called? Um Bongo
Me: Um Bongo! It had a really wild advert on telly about "drinking it in the congo" ... totally colonial, not a hope these days
Lil' Sis: "Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the congo" (laughing). Wish I could remember it a bit more.
Me: I'm sure it's on YouTube .... anyway (pause as skype breaks down again, insert obligatory "are you still there?" comments) Happy Thanksgiving.
Lil' Sis (no longer puzzled by quaint Canadian festivities, bless her): Happy Thanksgiving - I suppose I should be sorting out an plane ticket soon. How's the turduckenpigdonkey thing going?
Me: Ugh! I finally caught sight of one on a friend's twitter stream - all I can say is never.
Lil' Sis (laughs)
Me: However, we are having turduckenpigdonkeygiraffeelephanthippo for Christmas (more laughter) .... it's sharing a room with you. Is that OK? I thought it could have one bed and you could have the other. I'd need to turn the heating down though and open the windows (more laughter) and pray that the bears were hibernating .....
Lil' Sis (still laughing): and a line of prawns down the backbone
Me: Ah, seafood .....but I'm not saying which backbone.
(mucho laughter and danger of knicker-wetting)
Lil' Sis: Yes, I'm sure it will be on YouTube
Me: You, get your tickets sorted.

..... and it was! Happy Thanksgiving (here's to a wicked sense of Brit humour).

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