Thursday, October 07, 2010

self portrait thursday: a snapshot

grim cam girl, at work in the library (no, i;m not taking my top off)

so, what's been going on in my head today?

  • high fructose corn syrup
    It's hit my section of the blogosphere, yet another mommy wars but I have started noticing how often this foodstuff(?) appears on my packaging. It's rather a lot (I also have a bottle of it in my larder ..... we made snow globes with it one year). I'm pondering a post about it for after the weekend ....

  • Nobel prize for medicine to test tube baby pioneers
    Professor Robert Edwards was awarded this year's Nobel prize for medicine (sadly his research partner, Dr. Patrick Steptoe died in 1988). Their work opened the door to parenthood for an estimated 10% of the population, with advances in the technique now giving couples a success rate equivalent to those that are fertile. (Their work also opened up a deep scientific discourse regarding assisted reproduction, one which is still ongoing and I believe will continue as the long term effects of hormonal intervention are monitored). I smiled though when I read that Louise Brown, the very first IVF baby, had her own baby in 2007, no conception problems.

  • a whole day of childcare ahead of me
    spent the day writing, creating and finishing some volunteer work at the gift shop

  • dinner for this evening solved - ravioli and pasta sauce, pulled from the freezer (phew!)

  • smiles at last night's silliness with my Wee Guy
    It's good to connect again after a week of "difficult parenting"

  • Thanksgiving on Monday - IMO more hassle (dumb holiday)
    It's known as Harvest Festival back in England which can be avoided by not going to church (Scotland does something similar but without the fuss - we're waiting for guising at Halloween and then Hogmanay, with St. Andrew's Day in between). School will be out, mr ebb will be home, peace will be shattered and there'll be a bird to cremate ..... good times ;)
  • whee! I sold an acorn pendant in my Etsy shop this afternoon
    So, it is worth listing pieces there after all :)
  • looking at my SPT*, I don't think I'll be earning much money as a cam girl .... ah well.

SPT = self portrait thursday, in which a bunch of etsy sellers take photographs of themselves then meet up online :)
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