Friday, October 29, 2010

friday forte: the date night edition

There's nothing better for burying the mid life crisis than date night with a charming(?) young man. We had pizza at Flying Wedge, shared an ice cream sundae at Marble Slab Creamery, then hit Chapters in search of Silly Bandz (stretch 'em, wear 'em, trade 'em - the latest lure for Grade 2's to part with their pocket money; they are essentially overpriced rubber bands in funny shapes).

While it's not unusual for me to spend time with the Wee Guy, date nights are still special. He gets to call the shots mostly and I'm happy to go with the flow. It's an evening for us both to concentrate on each other's company without the distractions of housework, meal prep or homework creeping in. I think it' beneficial, definitely for me now that I'm being more focused on working more from home (yay! The business has covered child care costs for the second month running). I'm finding I do need some boundaries established between work, leisure and parenting times so that it doesn't all just flow into one confused mess. Multi tasking might seem to get a lot done but, in my opinion, it means that your mind is never truly on the job at hand.

Hence date night.
Hence a move to more equally shared parenting.
Hence a concerted effort to ignore housework during the week.

Hence dust bunnies (they make good wrinkle fillers).

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