Thursday, October 14, 2010

SPT October 15th: what am i thinking about?

SPT October 15th, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

SPT = self portrait thursday, in which a bunch of Etsy sellers take pics of themselves and post online in a flickr group to stay in touch :)

(thinking) fashionista! thrifted Rocketdog boots, thrifted tunic, thrifted cardi, new haircut and leggings :)

SPT October 15th
(thinking) how can he be so grumpy in the morning? and how come I still have to remind him how to get ready for school when this is the third year of us doing the very same thing each morning?

wire crochet daisies
(thinking) whee! it's component day - I get to put all these together! (will they be ready in time for this weekend's craft fair??)

(thinking) ugh! should have done this last night ....

(thinking) phew! another piece ready for a gallery show. but how much more do I have to make, have I got enough time (panic panic).

mr and mrs pig
(thinking) how much longer? (mrs pig on the left was diagnosed recently with cystic kidneys. she's drinking a lot more than normal which means her kidney function is already compromised).

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