Thursday, October 28, 2010

self portrait: in all my finery - the gratuitous pussy shot

Being in celebration of the Etsy Self Portrait Thursday challenge where a bunch of Etsy sellers indulge in online vanity by taking pics of themselves

One of the most fun parts of making jewelry is the trying-on part. It's like having access to Mad Aunty Susan's dress up box without having to endure the smell of ciggies or the stale scones. Whee!

Anyhow, when I make stuff I also try it on (don't panic - I do keep it hygienic, and never not never wearing the earrings). Bracelets are quite easy to model - all you need is a wrist. Necklaces, on the other hand, require some wardrobe prep as I'm a firm believer in matching the jewelry to the neckline.

For example, a round neck carries a bold choker or an opera length chain (note: yes, more bloody pics of her jewelry); a turtle neck can carry a funky bib necklace or long pendant; a casual shirt V-neck probably looks best with a simple pendant on a non-threatening 16 inch chain, or a sparkly collar for evening.

This morning's modeling called for full on empty-neckedness and cleavage. If you've got cleavage, why not advertise it with something that leads the eye there ..... and thus away from any 'problem' areas?

So I stripped down to plungingly low neckline, low enough for the gratuitous shot of pussy as it turns out.

I apologise.

It will probably happen again.

PS: for a closer look at the necklace sans pussy or flesh, visit the other blog
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