Saturday, October 23, 2010

friday forte: ..... dudette - it's saturday

Pro D day
surviving yet another pro D day; playing pokemon from the sofa

.. and Saturday evening too! What gives (friday forte, my a** - to paraphrase John Malkovitch in Red)?

Well, I did warn you!

This week I have been working my little buns off (insert whichever metaphor is your choice) and Have Achieved Much;
  • (this one's the biggie) Christmas inventory for two bricks and mortars (as opposed to online shops) completed - labelled, inventoried and ready to deliver (shop handmade, shop local folks!)
  • lovely chat with potential retail and teaching venture in the big smoke
  • hoovered stairs (not really bragworthy but they needed doing)
  • survived one Pro D Day, with migraine, in style (SD43 - please reconsider putting so many damn staff training days in before christmas - I have it on good authority they spend their time making hanging baskets anyway)
  • sundry stuff (which means I have forgotten .....)
a bit under the weather?
this is what pro D days do to you

However, in this mad blinding rush of human efficiency I have missed Self Portrait Thursday so now you will never know what I was thinking on Thursday ..... and I've also forgotten :)
I missed my nominal day off too (which I've been trying to schedule in).
I missed one day of work (see Pro D day above).
I missed out on exercise so cannot justify a blondie or delicious homebake at Cafe Divano (my reason for life itself)(and a great place to get some work done, eh?).

multi strand daisy chain
a little something i made this week (it's going to the Blackberry Gift Shop for the Christmas Marketplace)

To make up somehow we have ended up with not one but two mortgages on our house (?) for our renewal.
And we had a 'little chat' with the Wee Guy's teachers re: his behaviour in class (le sigh).

I seem to have mislaid my midlife crisis somewhere .....

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