Sunday, October 03, 2010

making ripples

jellies - always exceptional, always photogenic

Hmmmm .. so linking your twitter and Facebook is a bad no-no? According to the gurus at Social Media Camp Victoria, a kitten/unicorn/something dies if you do. OK mea culpa - I do.

And posting to your blog is a crime if it's not awesome material? I can go with that, but bottling it up inside is a crime too IMO..... and you don't improve unless you exercise that muscle ... mea culpa ..... I do publish acceptional instead of exceptional.

This all makes incredibly sound sense, but to me it's business-biased. It makes me want to tidy up the content, publish awesome and consistent exceptional, media-specific posts on my other (business - 'go buy some of my jewelry') blog, but here on (the newly acquired - yes, seriously! type into your browser address bar and see where it gets you. go me!) my little old 'rant and rave, get me thru motherhood and the menopause eventually' blog the status quo will remain.

I can understand the sense behind specifically targetting the message going out to the venue it's going to be broadcast to, but with a personal blog and social media network I'm not sure .... does it really matter? If it's not destined for your portfolio what impact will those faux pas make? What ripples will I fail to generate as a result? and what ripples do I expect to make anyway?

wee guy and his virtual splash

I guess if I miss out on That Upgrade or a freebie item because I've seriously dinged my Klout, then maybe I'll start 'taking things seriously' but until then, blogging is cheaper than therapy and with 24/7 access.
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